Creative Director


You are an Oddefy Creative Director. You produce and supervise high-level, quality, core concept material, visuals and design to achieve creative excellence on behalf of the clients. You are a key client-facing director and are both a hands-on creator and a strategically insightful contributor. You anchor and lead the group in coming up with core insights and creative strategies that foster the growth of the account campaigns and win new projects.

You must be able to exhibit a strong competency to lead creative teams in coming up with powerful insight-driven creative concepts that reflect the agency’s take on creative strategy and direction. You must also exhibit technical expertise in executing the developed creative strategy and must be able to anchor, delegate, and mentor creatives in achieving the desired creative execution and impact.


  1. You create ground-breaking creative concepts anchored on exceptional visual direction, and effectiveness-driven strategy. You are a champion of strong, thumb-stopping and visually aesthetic creative content that disrupts the status quo.
  2. You lead a number of creative teams in their daily grind of turning client briefs and creative concepts into life by successfully orchestrating the core competencies of each team member and adequately delegating the tasks to ensure the vision is executed with the most impact.
  3. You oversee the overall roll-out of the creative strategy and ensure its alignment with the client’s goals and business objectives.
  4. You effectively and passionately present, sell and defend creative ideas. At the same time, listen and interpret client feedback.
  5. You ensure the growth of the accounts by constantly strategizing the creative direction based on the campaign’s targets and needs.
  6. You contribute and supervise the development of innovative concepts and ideas, pushing boundaries to take creative risks to produce work that exceeds client’s expectations, both conceptually and in the execution of the creative strategy itself.
  7. You act as the lead for the development of the skills of the art creatives team, having the discernment to know which skills need most improvement, and knowing which nozzles to turn to gear the team in your desired creative direction.
  8. You build strong client relationships and trust to leverage and push your ideas to the execution of the campaigns
  • Creative Direction
    Purposefully developing the creative direction based on Oddefy’s core thrust of bringing about effective communications via creative ingenuity and disruption. This includes observance of this direction within the services we give to our clients, and a more macroscopic role of coming up
    with Odd Group brand-building initiatives.
  • Creative Business Growth
    Along with the Account Director(s) for each of the units moving forward, you will mainly oversee the expansion of the businesses within the existing clients that we have by seeing creative opportunities we can expand to clients. A service scope expansion of at least 2x (in terms of total service amount volume) for Key Accounts for every closing business year shall be observed, starting from the formal assignment of your role as CD. This shall also extend to Client retention, with at least 85% of clients retained, subject to reasons that are within the control of the agency (excluding client business model shifts, discontinuation of product irrespective of marketing performance, etc). Also bringing in new clients is part of the scope, as previously assigned with the CD role.
  • Creative Awards
    Act as an overseer and driving force of the Awards team for all creative services to be positioned as award-worthy material, aside from meeting the KPIs.
  • Training for future creative leaders
    Along with the Managing director, you will successfully hone the team to be key members of a strong creative team that will bring about the vision and mission for excellence within the Odd Group. This includes having focus on key members of the group (ADs) to develop them to be better fit on taking a higher role and hiring key people that will fit into the team and challenge the status quo.


  1. You must be technically gifted, multi-talented and flexible, so that in the event the team needs expertise, you can deliver and;
  2. Must be proficient in the following skillsets: photo manipulation, video editing, art direction and layouting, web UI/UX design and motion graphics. Skills in AR (Augmented Reality) apps is a big PLUS.
  3. You must be good at drawing powerful insights that would inspire great creative concepts.
  4. You must have an overall sense of the feasibility and overall impact of those creative concepts and build a sound creative strategy that answers the brand’s needs and goals.
  5. You must be able to have a discerning eye on which visual concepts would work and which are not strong enough.
  6. You must be able to have valuable experience in leading, delegating and mentoring the creatives team to produce results that are at par with the creative vision and strategy.
  7. You must have a strong creative ideation and problem-solving skills.
  8. You must have strong communication skills, able to sell ideas and persuade the audience.
  9. You must have good team leadership skills that would equip you to mobilize your team, make them reach their best potential, and earn their respect along the way.
  10. You must keep an open eye to new ideas and constantly update yourself with the latest trends and best practices of the industry.
  11. You must be very good in dealing with difficult situations where quick decisions are required.
  12. You must be very good at taking constructive criticisms and be able to have the proper balance of flexibility and firmness in dealing with client requests.
  13. You must have the confidence to construct, convey and defend your ideas, while keeping an open mind for new ideas within the team and from the clients.
  14. You must be updated on the latest trends of the industry. ON the lookout for ever-evolvingexecutions brought forward by new platforms and apps that will effectively help promote our campaigns.

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