Junior Director

Candidates must have at least 2 years relevant experience in Production – preferably Advertising Productions


Knowing the Basics

A Proddhouse Junior Director.  You are able to lead the creative vision and execution of visual campaigns. Along with the Producer, you are also able to oversee the conceptualization, planning, and realization of advertising projects, working closely with teams to ensure the final output aligns with the client’s brand, messaging, and objectives. You can manage talent, guide production flows and ultimately bring to life captivating and effective advertising content. You execute your creative vision from pitch to production for creative campaigns and initiatives for clients and brands. You report directly to the lead producer and make sure you are able to come up with creative processes and ideas that match feasible areas to stay within budget.

Laying the Groundwork

  • How to efficiently conceptualize visual production materials/outputs  for campaigns
  • Work with and around the latest trends and practices in marketing and production
  • How to develop ideas borne out of relevant insights
  • How to effectively sell a creative concept in relation to the material you’re creating
  • The creative process: checking and critiquing all materials throughout all stages of pre-production, production, and post-production.
  • How to ensure creative output is in line with the client’s objectives and goals
  • How to lead and direct crew/team members in executing visuals across mediums on video, photo, events
  • How To keep learning behind the scenes and become adaptable to other production roles ( ex. co-director/assistant director roles)

Delving in the Nitty-gritty

  • High-quality, effective and impactful content across all media platforms (offline and online)
  • Detailed Creative Production decks to streamline production process and delivered output
  • A sustainable creative design process that is clear for all the team members to commit to

Concretizing the Abstract

  • A strong understanding of marketing and advertising
  • A curious eye that encourages new styles and elements towards your craft
  • The ability to assimilate criticism in a way that betters your creative output
  • A creative eye in developing impactful campaign materials

Setting the Standards

  • In visual storytelling and ways to project your vision to the team you’re working with
  • People skills necessary in making harmonious partnerships with brands, production houses, and fellow creatives
  • Mobilizing the production crew
  • Keeping track of developments and steps towards a finished creative output

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