Candidates must have at least 2 years relevant experience in Strategic Planning in the Advertising/Creative industry.


You are an Oddefy Strategist, working closely with the Strategy & Innovations Director to bring marketing strategies to life. Your market research expertise informs pitch presentations, and you craft winning strategies for both new business and existing accounts. You empower the creative team with strategic direction, ensuring that each brand stays aligned and on-message. With your analytical mind and attention to detail, you monitor account performance, and develop re-strategies as needed. You are also confident and skilled in presenting and defending your strategies to clients.


  1. You aid in designing and implementing marketing strategies that are aligned to the client and agency goals, making sure that campaign strategies are able to meet KPIs.
  2. You take charge of the research necessary in coming up with the said marketing strategies, cited in reputable and reliable sources that are relevant and up to date.
  3. You collaborate closely with the Strategic Director to work on tasks that aim to elevate the team’s strategic prowess.
  4. You help maintain the strategy refresh of all ongoing accounts, making sure that it is aligned with the overall strategy and goals of the campaign.
  5. You work on the pitch deck flow alongside the Strategy Director, understanding that storytelling and deck building is very crucial in showcasing the ideas of the agency and winning over clients.
  6. You create the campaign media plan keeping in mind the marketing mix, budget, and timeline of the campaign.
  7. Along with the Strategic Director, you are able to identify challenges of incumbent accounts and running campaigns and funnel in initiatives and solutions that solve this.
  8. Along with the Strategic Director & Account Leads, you ensure that agency KPIs are met via the strategies that will lead to the campaign’s success.
  9. Along with the Strategic Director, you spot new opportunities backed by trends, data, and research, that can dictate shifts in strategies for the agency’s accounts.


  1. You have strong skills in conducting research, are familiar with various methods of data collection that will help build and strengthen the strategies of the agency’s projects. You have a strong understanding of marketing and advertising; are able to develop a strong communication strategy that will answer the client’s needs.
  2. You have strong skills in data interpretation necessary in coming up with insightful social media listening analysis.
  3. You have strong interpersonal and communication skills that enable you to rightfully represent the agency and the clients it serves.
  4. You are confident in explaining complex ideas and are a great communicator who can persuade your audience with your reasoning.
  5. You have strong resilience that enables you to deal with problems and constructive criticism.
  6. You have strong problem-solving skills, are able to work under pressure and assimilate large quantities of information quickly, while maintaining attention to detail.
  7. You have enthusiasm about the industry with a real desire to keep up to date with new developments in the media and come up with ways to ensure the best practices are executed within your projects.
  8. You are a very strong and effective communicator- both written and oral skills that will help you sell ideas to both clients and team members. You ask the right questions during the client briefing and meetings and you are able to develop and effectively convey complex ideas that have the power to persuade and move its audience.

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