Video Creator

Candidates must have at least 1-2 years relevant experience as a Video Creator/Video Editor/Videographer in the Production Advertising/Creative industry.


Knowing the Basics


A Proddhouse Video Creator. You are the perfect mix of creativity and technical knowledge. Along with the rest of the Prodd and Creative team, you bring to life creative ideas in the form of engaging, visually effective, and impactful videos.


Laying the Groundwork


  • The latest trends and practices in Videography and/or Photography
  • How to understand a creative brief and implement creative direction
  • The latest tools and techniques used in work applications related to videography and video editing.
  • How to use up-to-date equipment necessary to execute creative concepts
  • How to shoot videos and photos and can also work on editing of creative output
  • The essentials about production; including but not limited to casting, lighting, camera-work, and editing


Delving in the Nitty-gritty


  • Creating and editing high-quality content for all media including but not limited to: short-form videos, commercials, social media posts, motion graphics,ย  animation, etc.
  • Storyboards and presentation decks that are necessary to sell your idea
  • Innovative ways to communicate a message and/or a brand


Concretizing the Abstract


  • An open and collaborative work style
  • A strong understanding of marketing and advertising
  • Excellent organization skills
  • The ability to assimilate criticism in a way that betters your creative output
  • An integrated approach to photography and videography; and its application in advertising
  • A willingness to learn new skills


Setting the Standards


  • Assisting the Art Director and Creative Visualizer in bringing projects to completion
  • Mobilizing video team in different projects
  • The timely and efficient delivery of output
  • The necessities in being an essential component to the creative and production process

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