Business Development Executive

Candidates must have at least 1 years relevant experience as a Business Development Executive in the advertising/creative industry.

Who You Are

You are an Oddefy Business Development Executive. You are a key player in the agency’s effort to expand the business portfolio and open new opportunities that will impact its overall sales and revenue. You are the champion in coming up with different ways to find leads, close deals and foster new relationships that are beneficial to the agency. You are mainly responsible for achieving the company’s business goals along with the Business Development Manager & Director.


What You Do

  1. You venture out to drive new leads, close deals and form strategic partnerships for the agency.
  2. You champion and assist in streamlining the overall strategy of the pitches, ensuring that it is robust enough to win the client’s favor and close the deal. You come up with ways to improve its overall impact enough to win the pitch.
  3. You ensure the new and onboard clients are revenue generating and have a good understanding about the overall business profitability of each account to the agency.
  4. You maintain a good relationship with both incoming and incumbent clients of the agency.
  5. You keep track of the closed sales and newly closed projects ensuring that scope is being delivered accurately and efficiently by the team.
  6. You look into creative ways to further promote our agency and the work we do through social media & other channels.
  7. You assist the Business Development team & Business Development director in related activities/tasks.


What You Are Good At

  1. You are a very strong and effective communicator- both written and oral skills that will help you sell ideas to both clients and team members. You’re able to develop and effectively convey complex ideas that have the power to persuade and move its audience.
  2. You have a strong understanding about marketing and advertising; able to develop a strong communication strategy that will answer the client’s needs.
  3. You have a strong business sense and have a deep understanding about business development that will equip you to make the sound decision in crafting the cost estimate proposal and ensuring the best possible profitability of each account.
  4. You are good at liaising with people and has the eye to discern good potential clients that will be good partners for the agency
  5. You oversee the strategic business expansion along with the Managing Director
  6. You have the creativity and experience in doing initiatives that will improve the overall business development of the agency.
  7. You are good at leading the business development team to achieving tangible results and reach business targets impacting the overall profitability of the agency.
  8. You have strong resilience to enable you to deal with problems and constructive criticism.
  9. You have enthusiasm about the industry with a real desire to keep up to date with new developments in the media


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