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Social Media Manager

Social/Digital & Strategy
As an Oddefy Social Media Manager your are responsible for developing and implementing the social media presence of the team and our clients. You create and curate strategies, engaging content, manage social media platforms, and analyze performance metrics to optimize campaigns. Additionally, you stay informed about industry and social media trends, ensuring that your strategies align with the ever-evolving landscape of online communication and advertising.

Junior Director

Production (Prodd)
As a Proddhouse Junior Director, you lead the creative vision and execution of visual campaigns, collaborating closely with the Producer to conceptualize, plan, and realize advertising projects. You ensure that the final output aligns seamlessly with the client's brand, messaging, and objectives. From pitch to production, you bring the creative vision to life by managing talent, guiding production flows, and ensuring the delivery of captivating and effective advertising content.


Digital - Strategy
In your role as an Oddefy Strategist, you collaborate closely with the Strategy Team to develop and deliver winning marketing strategies. Your expertise in market research and data insights informs your pitch presentations, empowering the creative team with clear strategic direction to maintain brand alignment and consistency.


As an Oddefy Copywriter, your power lies in wielding words to craft compelling messages. You harness your creative strategies, insights, and clear objectives to effectively communicate across diverse media and platforms. In collaboration with the Art Director, you ensure that client briefs are not only met but also executed at the cutting edge of your craft.

Production Manager

Production (Prodd)
As a Production Manager, you serve as the central coordinator overseeing video pre-production planning and on-site production activities for Prodd, with a focus on meticulous planning and organization, ensuring that all facets of the production process run smoothly and efficiently. Your involves being the primary point of contact for all clients and partners involved, utilizing your experience to guarantee safe and productive shoots that align with the group's creative vision and quality standards.