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Media Performance Manager

Digital - Strategy
As and Oddefy Media Performance Manager, you are responsible for optimizing and analyzing digital advertising campaigns to achieve optimal results. You leverage data and analytics to assess the effectiveness of various media channels, ensuring that the creative content reaches the target audience and drives engagement. Additionally, you collaborate with cross-functional teams to strategize and implement innovative approaches to enhance overall campaign performance.

Freelance Senior Account Manager

Accounts - Freelance
As a Freelance Senior Account Manager with Oddefy, you excel in building and maintaining strong client relationships and acting as the bridge between clients and the agency's creative team. Strategic thinking and effective communication are key attributes, as Senior Account Managers oversee the development and execution of advertising campaigns, ensuring they align with the client's goals and objectives. With a focus on client satisfaction and project success, you play a crucial role in driving collaboration and delivering impactful results.

Art Director

As an Oddefy Art Director you must have a unique blend of artistic vision, strategic thinking, and effective communication skills. You play a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity of advertising campaigns, collaborating closely with copywriters, designers, and clients to bring concepts to life. With the responsibility of translating ideas into visually compelling and cohesive campaigns, you contribute significantly to the overall success and impact of advertising initiatives.