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Jobstreet: What’s Your Job For?



What exactly is your job for?

To launch Jobstreet’s newest campaign Find the Job You Love, we launched a manifesto video that answers this exact question. Afterall, a job is more than just a means to an end. It is a tool that fuels and drives your life. This, coupled with a refreshed take on Jobstreet’s social media, signalled a new take on the brand’s digital presence.

L’occitane: Wild at Heart



We partnered with Valerie Chua in bringing to life L’occitane Herbae, the french brand’s newest fragrance. Wild at Heart is all about bringing out your inner self, letting your passions and emotions show. We encourage women to let go and live their truth.

Citi x Grab Credit Card Launch



We created the launch event for the newest Citi Grab credit card: a revolutionary partnership that called for an event of a grand scale.

Oddefy conceptualized and executed the reveal of the credit card and delivered an experience unlike any other; making everyone experience life in the fast lane.

Citi x Grab Credit Card



To launch the newest partnership between Grab and Citi, Oddefy created the launch materials not just for digital, but for out-of-home placements as well. Taking inspiration from the team-up’s revolutionary approach, our creatives followed the same direction and message: this epic card is not to be messed with.

Potato Corner: Better With Flavor



You have to admit, even the worst days can be made better by a little excitement, fun, and maybe a little serving of fries. With this insight, we created Potato Corner’s newest tagline #BetterWithFlavor, showing how a little passion and, well, flavor can elevate your life. Just like french fries!

In addition, we also wrote and produced their newest brand jingle for the campaign. You’ve probably heard this catchy tune on select Potato Corner branches!

Shopback: A Scary Love Story



Filipinos are notoriously cheesy. And when the day of love arrives, that cheesiness kicks into overdrive. With heartwarming, tear jerking, and cheesy ads popping up left and right; how does a fairly unknown brand like ShopBack catch people’s attention? The answer was simple – scare them.

And the result? The internet went wild; with almost a million views within the week of release. Comments started piling in, earning the brand an all-time high in terms of engagement. Catapulting ShopBack from a fairly unknown brand, to a brand with a rewarding twist.

Citi: What’s in a Card?



Citi wanted to reach out to its audience in time for the Christmas season. They wanted to remind them of their presence during this timely season of giving.

Oddefy conceptualized, produced, and executed Citi’s first local brand awareness campaign. The digital video appeared on Citi’s social media pages and were both boosted and ran as digital video ads; helping Citi reach new audiences as a result.




The newly launched GrabFood wanted to make its brand known during the Christmas season. The idea was to confront the notion of people naturally growing apart with this story of two brothers — that despite drifting apart over the years, food is the spark that brings their relationship back.

Oddefy conceptualized, produced, and executed this Christmas-centric video for GrabFood. The digital video appeared on GrabFood’s social media pages and ran as digital video ads.

Yes Pinoy Foundation



YesPinoy Foundation, the advocacy championed by Dingdong Dantes, held their version of The Color Run with their Hero Tour last November 2018. The event’s purpose was to shine a light on the Filipino youth through empowering to be Superheroes wherever they may be.

Oddefy was tasked to bring awareness to event through social media and digital initiatives. Apart from this, Oddefy was there during the event to cover the event on social, as well as producing the recap video (with a surprise announcement at the end!).

I Am Super



YesPinoy Foundation’s I Am Super partnered with Taclob, a social enterprise that produces environmental-friendly backpacks made by storm survivors.

Oddefy executed this digital video that features the partnership of I Am Super and Taclob to create their GoBags — bags for kids that act emergency and calamity relief.

Emperador Lime + Light



Emperador Distillers Inc., wanted to market their new Lime + Light package, mixing the classic Emperador Light with its new signature Lime Mix.

Oddefy conceptualized and executed this video series that compares various perfect pairs of food with the Lime + Light, showing us that this new duo are perfect for each other.

Lendr: Blessing in the Skies



Picture this — The sun’s out on a warm day, and you’re parched. Suddenly, a water bottle falls out from the sky for you to drink. Impossible? Not quite.

Oddefy conceptualized and executed this on-ground activation for Lendr, which improved Lendr’s brand awareness both offline and online. Oddefy was also there to cover the activation — shooting, producing, and editing a recap video that was released on Lendr’s social media pages.

Joe’s Brew



Joe’s Brew is a proudly local craft-beer brand readily available in different establishments around the metro. The thing is, it’s based (and famous) in everyone’e favorite friendly neighborhood Poblacion, Makati.

Oddefy wanted to capitalize on Joe’s Brew’s roots by conceptualizing and executing a video series that showcased where you can find the beer brand in places around the Poblacion neighborhood. The video series was released on Joe’s Brew social media pages, and did well to promote both the brand and Poblacion as a whole.




Spearheading Lendr on Digital.


Oddefy brought Lendr to the digital space through social media and display advertising efforts by changing the narrative of loans, from one that is perceived to be negative to a helping hand when you need it most.



Bringing AXA Online.


AXA Philippines was in need of a stronger presence on the digital space. Oddefy worked on streamlining AXA’s social media content to be both appealing, and creating strategies to grow their following — finding the fine line between organic and paid growth without sacrificing engagement.

Aqua Planet


Making A Splash on Digital.


With their grand re-opening on the horizon, Aqua Planet needed to make waves on digital to make their presence known. Oddefy created content that matched the fun under the sun you can get in Aqua Planet, making their Facebook and Instagram must-see content. This begs the question, “Water You Waiting For?”.

Citi: Holiday Promo


Just How Big Is a Million?


Citi’s grandest card usage promotion yet. We created a tactical campaign that encourages people to use their Citi Card during the holiday season for a chance to win a whopping 1,000,000 rewards points! The result? A creative play on the promo with the prize front and center.

Citi: Well-deserved


Living a Life Well-deserved.


Oddefy conceptualized and created a digital display ad campaign for one of the newer Citi credit card acquisition promos. Spreading the message of a living a life well-deserved, these digital ads brought a human element to Citi’s campaign, appearing in different placements around the digital space.

Ayala Malls Feliz


Helping You Discover Happy.


Oddefy helped the newest mall in the East make its presence felt online by producing sustainable and visually pleasing content on social. From merchant features to mall announcements, Oddefy added its distinct aesthetic to their assets.



Food On Your Screens.


Oddefy helped GrabFood launch by making it stand out on social. Capitalizing on everyday moments and making food a lifestyle statement, GrabFood has steadily increased both traction and usage online.

Belo: Find Your Light


Light It Up.


Skin whitening is such a touchy subject, that’s why Oddefy created the Find Your Light campaign for the Belo Lumina System by emphasizing finding your own light to glow, inside and out, personified by Toni Gonzaga. The campaign appeared on billboards around the metro, as well as through your screens via digital content.



Melbourne Is Gold.


Oddefy conceptualized and created a digital display ad campaign for CitiGold’s Melbourne promo. The assets were served on various placements around the digital space, giving the intended audience a taste of Melbourne, whatever adjective you may want to use.

Kasama Ka


Spreading Financial Literacy on Social.


Oddefy helped KasamaKA establish itself as a brand that propagates financial literacy through social media content, from static image ads to full-fledged webisodes, that aims to inspire and educate the masses.

I Am Super


Be A Hero.


I Am Super’s advocacy of disaster-preparedness is something Oddefy feels strongly about, hence the all-out branding and content production for them. Oddefy wanted to do its part in help spreading this message of personal heroism.